Why do you cooperate with March Mix company

  • March Mix is a contracting company that has a contract deals with all of the well reputable ready concrete mixer stations and the biggest ones, we have our own management and locations, founded in 2013.
  • We keep our work appointments with our customers on time no way that we delay our appointments that’s because of not depending on only one station, alternatives always in our consideration.

  • We keep all portable pump types from (36m) to (58m) available. and the fixed pumps up to (110m).

  • In case there are many locations for one customer, we can provide efficiently and cover his demands, even if these demands in different provinces.

Why do you cooperate with March Mix company?

  • Competitive prices,The best quality with the finest price.
  • Integrity is the main goal that keeps us growing by introducing the quality required with high tech professional experts.
  • We provide all types of concrete strengths and cement contents all over Egypt.
  • Dealing with one office and unified prices for all ready concrete products make it easy for our customers.
  • The foam concrete available only in the great governorate of Cairo and Giza.
  • Our company legally registered as a commercial company and always calculating the VAD tax.

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